BMW Technology in Testing

A series of videos BMW had release showcasing their latest technology in testing. We will most probably see some of these technology in the next generation of BMW series. Personally, I like the BMW Traffic Jam and Queuting Assistant, which is the video above. Although not know the defination of ‘Queuting’, I would assume it is something like queueing assistance. This technology will be much useful in Malaysia situation where traffic jam takes up much energy and stressful for the driver at times.

BMW also showcase their Emergency Stop Assistant, Active Hazard Braking, Lateral Collision Avoidance and a BMW TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder engine in action. Take a peek now!

BMW Emergency Stop Assistant

BMW Active Hazard Braking

BMW Lateral Collision Avoidance

BMW TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder engine

These are not some futuristic gadget or features but most drivers daily task, it simply shows BMW are doing their research and putting these simply daily driver tasks into automation. Make me want to own one BMW someday too.

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