BMW Contest – dontblogaboutthis.come drive it!

BMW Contest – dontblogaboutthis.come drive it!
It will be a dream come true for the 3 lucky people that is choosen to experience this secret car. It truely seems like a 6 series from the picture but they are saying that it will be more than a 6 Series and the car is not yet in its final stage. Both Top Gear and BMW Blog believe it may just be a hybrid.

The weird thing is that despite having the new 6 Series release at the recent Paris Motor Show, this picture still display the E63/E64 series. Also notice that there is only one exhaust and the rims is specifically trying to reduce drag to improve fuel efficiency.

Although it says don’t blog about this, but we just had to share them with our car enthusiasts as you may just be the lucky one. As much as I would like to win it alone to experience, but if we do not get them, we hope that our readers would land on them. More info at

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