BLUECAR – Pininfarina’s answer to Electric Car


This is actually a joint venture between Pininfarina and Bollore to develop an electric car. it is said that the BLUECAR will enter production in year 2010. For a moment the front looked like the Honda HRV to me :p

This is classified as an MPV with 4 seats.

This car is fitted with a new design tires that was in collaboration with Dunlop that is able to reduce energy consumption. I guess its a new compound mix and also new thread design….


The rear looks like a robot face to me, with big red eyes :p


The battery can last up to 250km on a single charge and also this car can be charged on any household power points.

So i think this is also pretty much like the i MiEV from Mitsubishi, but i am really not sure who debut first.

With an overall ecology approach, all the materials used for this car have been carefully selected for their low environmental impact and are recyclable.

So i guess it seems that the electric car technology is really seriously being looked into, with these giants taking so much effort on developing them… Wonder how is the interior like for the BLUECAR, maybe i will drop my jaws again just like when i saw the interior in the i MiEV’s Sports Air :p

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