Blue-Will – Hyundai’s answer to Hybrid


I think Hybrid cars are really serious business nowadays.. Take a look Hyundai’s Blue-Will, oh man it looks really really futuristic !

Whats more shocking about this Hybrid is the materials that they used to build this car !

What we understand is that the lamp bezel was actually made out of soft drink plastic bottle material !

Also some other parts of the car were made out of plant extracts, so this means that the car is bio-degradable !

This is really something new to me, i didn’t know that they can really make cars out of bio-degradable stuff :p


This car comes with a 1.6L petrol engine and also a 100kW electric motor.

Another cool thing about this concept is that the roof is actually made out of solar panels, so i guess it is helping to charge the car’s battery pack as well.

This concept car will be showcased at Korea Motor Show on 2nd april 2009, so we shall see what else Hyundai have got in stored for us 🙂

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  1. toyota and other car manfucaturers should step up the production of Hybrid Cars*,`

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