Battery Car Body to Power your Electric Car

This is one interesting find on the future of Electric Car. This is definitely where Volvo is heading since they have collaberated with Imperial College London on this 3.4 million euro project to develop a prototype. This prototype material will stores and discharges electrical energy. The difficulties of hybrid and EV manufacturers is the location to keep the batteries and the weight of the batteries so that you vehicle could keep running for few hundred kilometers without charging.

This material will store energy in different parts of the vehicle liek your bonnet, roof, door panels or to replace any existing metalic components. Not much information is released such as maintainance of this material, lifespend of charging and discharging and durability of this material when an accident occurs, but they are still at their initial stage.

As you can see a Tesla Roadster‘s weight could be potentially reduced from 1.2tonne to 750kg. I can foresee that there are much more usage like in space rockets, phone, laptops, or even to kids toys. Hope to see this materialized in the near future.

Source : EU Intrastructure

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