Automotive News Update QuickLinks #6

Week 6 of our Automotive News Update. And this week we got some interesting read about the car industry:-

  • Most overpriced 2010 Cars – by comparing consumer satisfaction rating and their price, so are you driving one of this overpriced cars?
  • Ssangyong Motor has seven bidders – Renault-Nissan, India’s Mahindra and Ruia Groups respectively, Seoul Invest are among them.
  • Coke Zero and Mentos to a Rocket Car – Remember the video about this two fellas doing a fountain out of diet cook and mentos, but this time is a car. Video Below.
  • James Bond’s actual Aston Martin DB for sale – Driven by Sean Connery in the “Goldfinger” and “Thunderball” movies. Wonder how much it would fetch?
  • 2010 Coda Sedan (EV 101) – An advertisements video promoting EV and some lay-man information the Electronic Vehicle (EV)

Coke Zero and Mentos to a Rocket Car

Electronic Vehicle 101

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Cars, I have read so much about cars to keep me updated that I notice that there are so much more that I do not know about them. Keep update with the Automotive Industry as I learn more about it each day myself. I started this blog with 2 of my very good friends, and we all share a passion for cars and speed. Adi Wong

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