Automotive News Update QuickLinks #23

Thursday and the end of the week in Malaysia! The end of a chapter and starting of a new chapter. Since we are celebrating Deepavali tomorrow.

[Celab] Kim Clijster survived a car crash before her semifinal win over Samantha Stosur
[Weird] Car pulled on the St. Louis, police still trying to determine car’s owner
[Freak] Car flies off onto Malibu Beach – weird that another news said abandon car
[Weird] Truely a drive-through – When a car drives into a store
[Weird] Truely a drive-through – car drove into store.
[Weird] Jaguar Top Speed in Reverse – a must see video

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Cars, I have read so much about cars to keep me updated that I notice that there are so much more that I do not know about them. Keep update with the Automotive Industry as I learn more about it each day myself. I started this blog with 2 of my very good friends, and we all share a passion for cars and speed. Adi Wong

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