Aston Martin Rapide


These are official images released on the Rapide, another one marvelous creation from Aston Martin. From the first impression this car really exudes elegance, due to the very classy looking rims and also the lines at the sides.

A quick glance and you will think that its a 2 door car, but actually its a 4 door car ! Well the maker says that the 2 rear seats are okay for adults travelling for a short journey, so i guess its quite crammed.


I think its the first time i see this kind of rear lights which looks whitish on supercars…

At the power department there will be a hand-made 6.0L V12 that produces 470bhp and about 600Nm of torque.

Price wise it is rumored that it will carry a pricetag of about 140K Euros, lol i have no idea how much it would be when its in Malaysia.

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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

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