AP System to be extended till 2020 ??

So, our hopes that the AP system be abolished seems very very bleak, as the bumiputra motor traders are requesting from the International Trade and Industry Ministry to extend this AP system to 2020. Initially the AP system was set to be abolished in 31 December 2010, I guess not……

Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said they will work out some kind of 5 year plan to improve the operations of the bumiputra motor traders.

He also said that after running some checks, they discovered that the APs were sold to some parties that shouldn’t be even owning them, i wonder what this means haha :p

And sources said that the Government have tentatively approved that the AP system will be extended till 2020.

So sometimes i really wonder how good is the National Automotive Policy (NAP), as they can be changed just like that. If you tell me that the AP system might be extended for another 2-3 years, is still ok, but another 10-12 more years ?

Source from StarBiz

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  1. Well I am not sure on what AP is all about? Care to explain?

  2. John : In simple explanation, AP stands for Approve Permit. In Malaysia, you need an approved permit to import cars from other countries into Malaysia for sale.

  3. This is another way for government cronies to earn quick money by selling that piece of paper to others

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