Android, iPhone and BlackBerry SmartStart for your Car

Viper has come out with three different module for the three leaders in smartphone. Naming them Viper SmartStart Module and System, you can now have a GUI on your phone to control your car just like your remote control key.

Basically you can do lock, unlock, remote car starter, trunk release and panic button virtually anywhere. Viper SmartStart is using GPRS network to communicate with your car, so only carriers in US had made a deal with them. Just wondering if there will be any problem if there is no network at all.

The app for your Android, iPhone or Blackberry is free but the SmartStart Module or SmartStart System will cost USD299 and USD499 respectively. Also there will be a cost of USD29.99/year after the first year. It is quite cheap as you are basically maintaining another mobile phone line there.

For more information visit Android SmartStartApple iPhone SmartStart,  or Black SmartStart page.

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