All about 2013 Honda Accord [Videos]

LaneWatch is a new feature introduce for the new 2013 Honda Accord on EX and higher. It allows the driver to see the passenger side more clearly during lane change and turns. Not sure if it works on side parking as well.

2013 Honda Accord standard equipment. They are adding quite a lot of standard equipment for this new model accord and mainly for safety. Although some of the safety feature are available on the competitor when I was shopping for my mid size sedan two years ago.

Accord moves on to CVT in this 2013 model as it proves to provide a better fuel efficiency. But from the video, it seems Honda did solve some of the issue previously associated with CVT like lack of power due or noise during acceleration to slipping clutch.

2013 Honda Accord Body

Honda Accord Suspension

Accord Instrumental Panel

Smart Start will also be available on EX of higher Accord for keyless entry and push start. It also showcase some great safety feature using a new video camera mounted on top of the windscreen for front collision warning and lane change warning.

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  1. I have this on my Honda and it works really well, just flick on the indicator and look in the centre of the dash board and bingo! no looking over the shoulder, makes driving so much easier.Scrap cars Here.

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