Alister McRae to drive the Satria Neo S2000 !


When i heard about this news i was really impressed, i mean, the Neo S2000 is being driven by Alister McRae !!!! He will debut in the next round of Asia Pacific Rally championship.


Alister is the brother of the late Colin McRae, a very very famous rally driver.

Proton announced this a while back and Alister will be replacing Karamjit Singh. He also said that he was impressed with the Neo S2000’s performance when he tested the car in England.

This is indeed great news for Proton 🙂 I wonder if the Neo S2000 is using the turbocharged engine posted #mce_temp_url#…hhhhmmm

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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

6 Responses to “ Alister McRae to drive the Satria Neo S2000 ! ”

  1. The car looks ugly ler… I prefer stock version Satria Neo. :p

  2. I think Satria GTI is much more better than NEO

  3. Well i haven’t really test driven one but looking from the performance figures, i would say the GTi fares out better but in terms of looks the NEO 1.6 is better imho :p We shall see where they are going to put the 1.6 turbocharged engine 🙂

  4. the s2000 is actually using a 2000cc engine with a 4WD super transmission

  5. Jessen, is for aerodynamic usage ok! this is doing for race not pretty or not pretty stuff la KNS.

    Car blogger,
    Satria GTI stock vs Stock with Neo really GTI better la. NEO max 1.6 CC and GTi 1.8 CC

    Gti vs this s2000 , GTI smell smoke far far ok

  6. hahahahahaha sorry my bad coz i have not much idea on the performance figures for the Neo S2000 :p

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