ActiveE by BMW to be unveiled in Geneva !

Previously posted almost a year ago on the ActiveE, seems like BMW is going to unveil the actual car in the 2011 Geneva Autoshow. Its really becoming a reality !

This is the first that i see the battery pack is stored at the front and not underneath the passenger floor where space is ample compared to the engine bay.

Guess BMW have their reasons for doing so, and their regenerating concept is also different from others. It has an intermediate situation when you are cruising and starting to decrease the pedal. This is like a gliding phase that is deemed better than engaging regenerative braking.

This is the interior of the Active-E where you see it looks similar to the rest of the BMWs, with the exception of the middle screen telling you information about how much power juice is left.

Even more interesting and really caught my attention, they have an apple Application for this car ! It can tell you information for your car especially about power information. I think this app is very useful when you leave your car for charging, you can go and run some errands while waiting for the charge to be complete. Well this is just what i thought on the use of this App :p

Below are some videos about the Active E :

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