A killer called R8

When Porsche came out with the 911 turbo it seems to be taking the centre stage in the motoring industry. This beauty had been putting pressure in lots of car manufacturers by creating a timeless machine. I was taking a break one weekend and I finally had the time to watch a movie called Ironman which is a movie that is made based on the comic book about a cool looking rich guy called Tony Starks. I wont be explaining much about the movie as if I do this wont be an automobile blog but a movie blog. Anyways in the movie the main character was driving a superbly cool looking car, the Audi R8.  


With the lime light on the Nissan GTR nowadays (by the way the GTR is not in its range thou), this 2006 417 bhp beauty seem to be the winner in my eyes. Lets just put the numbers at the side, the Audi R8 is really a very nice car to look at and the interior is stunning. It has the wow factor of a Ferrari, the performance of the 911 turbo and the beauty of the Enzo and Lamborghini (Audi owns Lambo anyways) put together.  

I would really love to the Porsche and the Audi R8 have a go on the tracks and see who will turn up the champ, which it would be hard to know as different drivers has different skills therefore it wont be consistent. Now let’s just look at the numbers of three of these cars. 


Audi R8

Porsche 911 Carrera 4S


V8 4.2 litres

Flat 6


Mid engine, 4 Wheel Drive

Rear Engine


Six Speed Manual

Six Speed Manual

Break horse power



0 – 100 km/h

4.6 Sec (claimed)

4.8 Sec (claimed)




Top Speed



With this spec sheet, it is clear that the Audi is the winner but this is just a comparison of the closes Porsche 911 that’s they have with the similar specs.  

On the up side I would think the Audi had done a great job in designing a marvellous looking machine with class written all over it, which I would think that Lamborghini had something to do with it (wink!).  



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