458 Italia On the Road !!

I was at my office area going for tea after work and while walking to the mamak, i was frozen at my footsteps when i saw something yellowish at the parking area…… its a 458 Italia !!!!

I have seen a lot of 458 Italia pictures and on GT5 but its nothing compared to seeing the real deal. Especially loved the front emblem of the Prancing horse which is in 3D effect !

I think it just came out from the car wash, as it was practically shining !

With a 4.5L engine producing 560hp and a huge 540Nm of torque, i think its really music to the ears listening to this baby roar !

The triple tip exhaust definitely means serious business, as it can achieve the century run in just 3.4 seconds. And i think the 458 Italia have really impacted the F430 prices in Malaysia, as i saw now in Motor Trader the price for a used F430 is running in the region of RM700k compared to previous RM900-1000k range.

The only setback that i have is being unable to listen to the engine roaring and also the interior. I wasn’t very sure if i could take more close up pictures, so i have to live with this 2 pictures :p

Below is a video showing the 458 Italia starting up for your viewing pleasure 🙂 Remember to turn up the volume !

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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

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