2013 Volkswagen Golf MK7 1.4 TSI driving impressions


I went for a test drive in the weekend for the new Golf MK7.

The interior build part which i like the most is the steering wheel, with glossy black elements here and there. The multi function display also spots a better resolution with more refined pixels.


On the gear level you will see the buttons that was shifted from the middle lower console.


Okay for the test drive session feedback, one thing i notice is that the steering feels lighter and it feels nicer around turns.

Since its without the supercharger, the car still manage to pull quite effortlessly from standstill. A few times the traction indicator light came up !

Its really a very polite feeling for this car, just like the previous MK6.

My opinion on this would be, if you are looking for a balanced car then this can be in your list. It is fun to drive, have adequate power and is also fuel saving. Honestly i did not felt the start-stop of the engine when i was at traffic light.

Whether or not an MK6 Golf owner should upgrade to this, i think is debatable as i dont really feel a huge difference, apart from the styling and better fuel efficiency.

So you should go for a test drive to see for yourself.

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