2012 Volkswagen Up!

Volkswagen is adding a new car to its product line, Volkswagen Up! We will see Up as an entry level hatchback right before Volkswagen Polo. The concept of UP is to offer maximum space with the most fuel-efficient engines or an electric drive. It offers mobility that is said to appeal to people of all ages. UP is 3.54 meters long and 1.64 meters wide and picture shown is 3 door, although there are other option of 4 door or an 5 door MPV version of the Volkswagen UP.

It will be powered by a 1.0-liter, three-cylinder engine with 59 horsepower or 74hp on the higher models. Its transmission will have two variation of standard five-speed manual or a new six-speed clutchless unit.

It looks liek this car is for the Indian market like the Tato Nano but will be equipt with some gadgets like mobile Personal Infortainment Device (PID) for navigation, telephone, information and entertainment. The PID touchscreen can also be used to view important vehicle information like the visual display of the ParkPilot (controls the cr’s distance to the next vehicle).

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