2012 Volkswagen Tiguan Malaysia

Went for a test drive with my colleagues at Veemer Motor for the new Volkswagen Tiguan.
We have like 5 big sized dudes in the car during the test drive and still the car can pull effortlessly, totally impressive. As i was not driving, not too sure about the handling yet.

The 210hp 2.0 TSI engine is really no joke, as the accelaration is only 0.4 secs slower than the Golf GTI ! It uses the 7 speed DSG transmission to achieve 7.3 secs !

Cool part is the multi function display have got color instead of just white.

It comes with the RCD 510 player and reverse camera as well. This is really useful for SUV at this size.


It is full time 4 wheel drive and have media in for your portable players.

At RM 230-240K its quite a good deal !


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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

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