2012 Toyota Yaris

This new subcompact car will get a whole new makeover for the year 2012, it will be the 3rd generation Toyota Yaris. Despite not a big market in Malaysia and they somehow took it out from their website as well. The 2012 Yaris will be 3.89 meters long, 1.7 meters wide and 1.5 meters high. It will be slightly longer than the predecessor by 100mm but it weight lesser by 30kg. It will be powered by either a 1.0-liter 68hp engine, 1.3-liter 93hp engine or a 1.5-liter 107 hp engine.

The 1.3 -liter version engine will be Toyota’s Dual VVT-i engine that is economical drive with 3.8 liters / 100km.

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  1. hope the new vios launch this year !!!

  2. i love the new model!!!

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