2012 Toyota Camry Information

Here is one of the teaser image released by Toyota for the new upcoming 2012 Camry. You can see that with these new headlights, the Camry is much much more sportier compared to the current and looks very mean too !

The top of the line model will be a 3.5L V6 with 268hp on hand and 335Nm of torque !

Then comes the smaller 2.5L with 169hp and 226Nm torque.

Lastly will be the 2.4L having 187hp and 270Nm of torque….. I find it really strange on the figures as to why the smaller powerplant is generating more horses ?? Wonder what is the marketing strategy of Toyota this time around.

Personally i don’t really like the rear headlights, it looks a bit robotic and suggests that the rear looks pretty smaller in size compared to current.

But anyway, The Camry will definitely sell like hot cakes around here as they are touted as the most reliable and having the high resale value car.

FYI i checked what is the meaning of Camry, apparently its coming from a japanese word called “Kamuri” which means “Crown”. Talk about having a majestic car !

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