2012 Honda Civic Price in Malaysia

Honda Civic Malaysia
Honda Civic was launch the past week in Malaysia and you can visit your nearest Honda Showroom to have a look or a test drive. Like the previous Civic, hybrid and petrol powertrain is available. There is three different variant for the petrol powertrain with 1.8S, 2.0S and 2.0 Navi. The 1.8-liter will produce 141 PS and 174Nm of torque at 4,300 rpm, while the 2.0-liter will produce 155 PS at 6,500 rpm and 190 Nm of torque at 4,300rpm. For the Civic Hybrid there is only one variant of Hybrid 1.5L.

The new Civic is the same model as what was launch in Singapore earlier this year and it looks sophisticated and sporty at the same time. Compare to the US Civic, we are getting an extra reflector or light on the trunk. US might just release them during facelift like the current generation of Honda Accord. It is said that the engine are new 1.8-liter and 2.0-liter engines, hence a 5 years warranty with unlimited mileage and 10,000km preventive maintenance interval.

I would say that the interior look pretty good and the dashboard looks great with the digital display and the rev meter. But the car head unit look a little plain except for the 2.0Navi that replace them with a Navigation GPS display.

The 2.0S and 2.0 Navi will come with Smart Entry with Push Start Button, Paddle Shift, HID headlights, leather seat and Driver Power Seat. These will not be equip on the 1.8-liter. Finally the 2012 Honda Civic Price in Malaysia will cost (On the road price with Insurance):-

1.8S – RM 115,980
2.0S – RM 131,980
2.0 Navi – RM 136,980
Hybrid 1.5L – RM 119,980

Find that the Navi is quite costly having only the Navigation system as the difference but at the same time, the head unit for the non-Navi Civic does not look so stunning. So you might opt for an aftermarket Navigation System with reverse camera which most probably cost less than RM5,000.

2012 Honda Civic Hybrid

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