2012 BMW 1 Series !

This is the images of the upcoming BMW 1 Series which will be debuting in the upcoming Frankfurt Motor show ! The first impression that i have is, this looks like a smaller version of the BMW X1, with the long front and a short back.

The feeling of similarity with the X1 is even more obvious if you look at it from the side like the above picture. Guess everyone is downsizing to smaller C segment car nowadays.

You can expect to get like 136-170hp based on the few petrol variants that they are going to offer from a turbo petrol engine. So you see, its like a trend that everyone is pumping more horses into smaller cars these days.

The rear lights have also been re-designed to follow all the new trick and traits of its bigger brothers.

From the interior is always signature BMW with the sporty driver oriented dashboard. You will also get i-Drive touch screen, anti collision system and also traffic lights recognition ! what would be your guess on the price tag if it comes here ? My guess would be at least RM 200k and above !

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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

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