2011 Volkswagen Polo 1.2 TSI with Pipercross Drop in air filter


First performance modification that i have made to my car, the Pipercross performance air filter !

Went to Exotic Mods in Kota Damansara for this item, the “poison” place.


This is how the filter looks like right out from the box. Its a direct replacement of the stock paper air filter. No modifications were required.


For comparison this is how the stock air filter looks. Below is the pipercross filter.


The pipercross filter is foam type with 3 layers of foam if not mistaken. Its washable just like other performance filters.

If you ask me whether there is performance increase, i’d say its not that huge, just felt that the accelerator feel a bit more light. I was hoping for a louder suction sound, but nope it does not sound louder.

The drop in filter improves slightly low end speeds whereas the open pods work best at mid to high speeds. Depends on what you want 😉

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