2011 Volkswagen Golf GTI Encounter Session 1

My friend Jin have just got his new ride not too long ago, the 2011 Volkswagen Golf GTI SE ! It is in Carbon Steel Grey color, a pretty rare color that you will see on the road. The above you can see that this version comes with Daylight Running Lights (DRL) included in the xenon lights and auto-cornering  lights as well.

This is the Logo that means that this Golf is not a normal Golf haha. With this badge on, you get about 200 hp and 260Nm of torque from the 2.0 TSI engine. This car have so much power to pull you from standstill to 100km/h in just a mere 6.9 seconds !

Click below for more information about what you get in this Special Edition !

What is the additional stuff that you get in this Special Edition you might ask, well for starters you get a sunroof on your Golf GTI ! This is really neat as it makes the car even sportier with a roof !

Next you will get 18 inch rims where you see inside the holes of these rims they are colored glossy black !!! On standard GTIs you will only get 17 inchs.

Wait wait there is one more feature that makes the SE stands out even more, the RCD510 Touch Screen Head Unit ! This is really a very neat HU mated to the middle of the GTI. I especially like the part where you have the screen showing your car when you turn on parking assist and the sensors are working to tell you whether you are getting near the curb or something.

This fella was so desperate that barely 2 weeks he got this car, today he changed the rear lights to Golf R LED Lights haha ! But i have to honestly say, with these lights on the Golf GTI gets even more mean, do not POKE this dude from behind !

For RM ~210K, this is really a very good deal, with the power that you get and comfort at the same time. I took this baby for a spin and it is really really comfortable even with 18 inch rims compared to my Lancer :p Yes i know its not an apple to apple comparison, but just a feeling that i get towards the same rim sizes. On top of that the car feels planted to the ground like it was being glued to the floor ! In no time on the highway i was hitting 180km/h without me realising it haha.

Overall a very wonderful car to drive and if you need some spirited driving, just step a bit more and you will feel the gush, not to mention with the paddle shifters ! Oh no i forgot to test that out and also the DCC, maybe next round Jin :p

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3 Responses to “ 2011 Volkswagen Golf GTI Encounter Session 1 ”

  1. the golf r rear light was really nice, may i ask how is the original rear light looks like before the change?

  2. How long does your friend have to wait to get the car? for that colour? i went to VW they told me have to wait for 6 months max! ridiculous!

  3. It could be the case, because 2 of my friends waited well over 4 months to get their car, unless got people cancel order. But is worth the wait 😉

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