2011 Tokyo Auto Salon – Some odd design

This is not quite your typical auto salon, it is not all packed with the latest concept but there is also something for the anime fans, classic rides and some custom mods.

Another Toyota Supra with some anime artwork

Some mini Lamborghini which should be from a ATV, but the rims are simply superb.

I must admit, this is real weird, only good thing that comes out from this design is parking and you can weave through sidewalks.

From a Toyota Supra becoming this Bently looking beast, great work!

Quilted Vinyl Audi, I thought it look quite nice with the ability to show some bling bling

Or you can opt for something of a subtle design, Alphard with some cushioning.

Super wide body Totora MarX.

Not sure how to classify this, ATV with Recaro seat and steering?

Dragstar-F1-Dragon anyone?

Bling Bling Silver Toyota Prius, who say Prius can’t capture attention?

NATS Justice, this could just be in the running for some superhero car.

Image sourced from jonsibal and much more other cars there if you are interested to lookup about the 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon.

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  1. the best thing about the Tokyo Auto Salon (besides the cars) is the race queens!. Black Bison had the best team ever

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