2011 The Green Hornet Movie

It will be featuring Seth Rogen, Cameron Diaz and Jay Chou, but that is not why we feature them on our blog, it is the ride. The Black Beauty, v8 Chrysler Crown Imperials, actually 12 that is used for the movie. Ranging from year 1965 to 1967. Fitted with more firepower compare to any James Bond car. It is actually derived from the old TV series.

The most obvious and the coolest are the dual hood-mounted retractable machine guns. Suicide doors with 12-guage AR-15 modified guns. A weird conceled machine gun that need someone to operate it from the trunk, a flamethrower. A whooping 12 front and rear missiles. Retractable anti-riot spikes.

Of course a car like this will need to defence against something of its own firepower. Starting with ballistic certified polycarbonate glass. Tires with defensive regulation system. Armox ballistic steel reinforced exterior.

A introduction on the weapon on the Black Beauty:-

Here is a trailer of the movie featuring the ride.

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