2011 Lexus “The Hard Way”

It is saying that the Lexus is making cars “The Hard Way” which is the only technique to make great vehicle. This is the one that I like having the 5 LS hung then the LFA park underneath. Here is a look behind the scene of this. I would be scared being in the position of the LFA driver.

Lexus LFA Material through “The Hard Way”, using Carbon Fiber Reinforce Plastic (CFRP)

Leather Testing – not sure which Lexus is equipped with this material

Lexus Driving Simulator

Yup there is many more video below. Even the Wood Craftmanship has its own video

Lexus Safety Design

Light inspection on its bodywork

Frequency interference

Paint Inspector – 4 times re-certification, wow.

The Engine

Second videon the engine

The Building Environment

Engineering Solution

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