2011 Citroen C4

A newer generation of the Citroen C4 is unveiled today. The new 2011 Citroen will by 5cm longer, 2cm wider and 3cm taller than the current model. The 408-litre boot is the biggest in its class, and with the elegant sporty design, C4 fits perfetly in the small family car demands.

Under the hood, new C4 will be available with the Citroen’s new micro-hybrid e-HDi powertrains. This will include Start & Stop system to help lower CO2 emissions. It also comes with Michelin Energy™ Saver tyres to help acheive low emission and boost fuel economy. Not sure if Flexifuel will be included, but we could expect the HDi diesel to be included for the new C4 lineups.

Apart from those, the new C4 offers a new atmosphere to be able to adject the colour of the driver’s instrument display, own ‘polyphonic’ sound alerts, finely adjustable air-conditioning and a surround-sound audio system. Higher model even has the massage function on front seats. Also included is the Citroen’s eTouch system that monitors driving patterns and fuel consumption and receive advice on fuel economy. This system will also advise on vehicle’s technical status and monitor any necessary maintenance or servicing requirements.

However, there is no information release on the new Sedan Citroen C4 or the Coupe Citroen C4.

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