2010 Kia Venga – Mini MPV


Kia Venga has actually won its first award, iF product design award. It was recognized for its design qulity, workmenship, level of innovation and its eco-friendliness. We do like its aerodynamic design. The iF product design award is one of the world’s most important prizes for excellence in design.

Kia Venga will be available in both diesel and gasoline. Both complying to the latest EURO5 emissions standards. Its EcoDynamics is said to save up to 15% fuel and keep a low CO2 emissions with Kia’s new Intelligent Stop and Go technology that will be standard to its diesel engines range.

Kia Venga also comes with a panaromic glass roof that will give you are warm and bright experience.

For more information. Visit Kia Venga minisite


 kia-venga-3  kia-venga-7kia-venga-4

34 back ausgang 006 34 front ausgang 002  kia-venga-2

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  1. Looks good, Kia has come light years recently, especially with their new designs.

    Kia/Hundai group, most improved auto company on the planet!


    See the hot new car picture here.

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