2010 Honda Accord – Review

Sharing my driving experience on this 2010 Honda Accord. My little family picked this car because it is extra spacious and we like the look of this car. I am fortunate enough to driven 3 different models of Accord, 1991, 1996 and 2011 Accord in my life. I must say that the car is just getting bigger. Unfortunately I could only afford the 2.0-liter model which I believe it is under power as the fuel consumption is rated better on the 2.4-liter.

I am doing pretty good with the 2010 Honda Accord fuel consumption with a RM0.205/km with the current fuel price of 1.85/liter. My driving is mostly short highway. Drove this baby for almost 2 months now.

The interior of this looks luxury but does not look as futuristic as other car manufacturer. Even Civic and City have nicer dashboard. But the radio centerpiece down to the center hand rest looks great and elegant. Overall I do not have problem other than my power window, the driver side seems to be disconnected to the passenger side. I complain during the first service, it was claimed to be fixed but it is now disconnected. They claimed that the tinting company did not put it back properly, and they did the tinting before handed the new car to me.

You are looking at a HDR photo of the Accord, will post up more photo in the near future.

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5 Responses to “ 2010 Honda Accord – Review ”

  1. superb!

  2. That’s a superb car! No doubt.

  3. i am planing to get a new car i dont know what car to choose my opitons are camry and accord ….which one do u think is a better car..????

  4. and wats the top speed of this accord have u tested i use to travel long distance i need a good top speed to reach me on time..

  5. erm..I have only done 160km/h on my accord..not sure what is the top speed….I felt that Honda Accord ride is not very smooth for a its class.

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