2010 / 2011 Toyota Vios in Thailand – Spyshot

Are we looking at the facelift version of the new Toyota Vios? From what we can see the most obvious change is at the front grills which definitely would look nicer. Then we have some commenting on the fog light and the rims.

On the back side, the tail lights is redesigned and also a chrome bar is added right above the car license plate (somehow I recall seeing this on the road). I like the chrome added design making it more elegant and it looks wider.

Here is the interior picture of the 2010 Toyota Vios facelift. Not sure about the interior but for those who owns one could make a comparison.

If this is truly the Toyota Vios in Thailand, it will most definitely be shipped to Malaysia as well so we will be looking forward for this new 2010 Toyota Vios here in Malaysia.

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12 Responses to “ 2010 / 2011 Toyota Vios in Thailand – Spyshot ”

  1. Hi Dee , would be great if you provide more insider info from UMW on the launching date… thank u.

  2. hi…my brother interested to buy this vios facelift, he need the car urgently..do u know when is the launching date? if he book from now, when do u think he will get his car…thank you.

  3. I’m wondering if their are any plans to come out with an NGV version of the Toyota Vios in the Future, as they did with the altis in Thailand?

  4. it will out April 2010, have booked G spec with price RM88K. i guess i will be better as compare to passed vois. wait and see !

  5. Not as desirable as it’s advertised.

  6. best ke vios baru ni?

  7. 15 Apr 2010, news i got from insider. anyway at first i was interested on new model i tot was launching, after i gotta know its facelift version, well. i’ll go for honda city most probably. this vios has been around for 4-5 years.

  8. still the same old dugong…

  9. The new facelift really suckssssss…….Better go for year 05 or 06 or 07 model which is now second hand models. Better find a good condition car rather than going to new vios.Its the similar shape as the first model of Honda city IDSI, which is really outdated & sucks on the external look. There is no point on having gorgeous looks on the internal, but also the shape & the car should be attractive…

  10. My vios 08 is the best as I see with my eyes. I don’t have time to say something not nice about other brands/models bcoz I m smart enough to acknowledge that different people have different taste. There are hundreds models coming out every year. Choose one that suit your taste & logic, don’t bother about your neigbour’s or your friend’s choice.

  11. ..body memang cun, tapi aku tak minat meter panel..kat tengah..hok aloh..

  12. aku da booking….minggu or minggu dpn kuar la…..

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