2013 Honda N-One

Honda has revealed their third N Series mini-vehicles following the BOX and the N BOX + models. The N-One powertrain is available in 660 DOHC naturally aspirated and another with turbocharged option. Both of it using continuously variable transmission (CVT) to transfer the power to the wheel. It is said that the DOHC Turbo engine is equivalend to a vehicle in the 1.3-liter class.

The main aim of this car is to provide spacious cabin to comfortably accomodates four adults and at the same time having a great fuel efficiency, Honda M/M (Man Maximum, Machine Minimum). It is rated to get a fuel economy of 27.0 km/liter. Its standard safety features Emergency Stop Signal (ESS), which is some signal for the rear vehicle indicating drastic deceleration. Also included is the Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), and Hill Start Assist (HSA).

The N-One price starts at 1,150,000 yen and a premium model with a price tag starting 1,390,000 yen.

BONUS: An extra video featuring the 2013 Honda N-One with a Japanese Car Model

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