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Kicherer is a tuning house that specialize in giving Mercedes Benz a speedier look. They have announce a new package for the new 2009 Mercedes Benz E-Class. It is base on the new 2010 AMG sports package with a nice looking quad exhaust system and 4 pieces of 20-inch forged allow wheels.

Not to mention the interior will also have a sports stearing wheel and some leather touch on door panels & dash board.

Kicherer, Mercedes-Benz vehicle tuning specialist, has unveiled the first details of its new tuning package for the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class even before the car hits the street.

Price is yet to be unveiled, but it is expected somewhere this spring.



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  1. sweet looking ride. any idea when the std e-class will be out in the malaysian market? mercs are really kicking ass in the design dept here.

  2. hey adrian, thank for dropping by…

    I have no idea, my guess are they delay it due to the economy slowdown

  3. if ever we have had about poking a man’s imagination this jus sets new standards, never dreamt of and still cumin too early in our lives, leaves no space for dreamin and imagination

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