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It looks like 1Malaysia F1 team are all working hard to have their Lotus F1 car ready by the next 5 months before the 2010/11 Formula 1 season starts. This pair of images are a full scale wind tunnel model that will be brought to the test. From the look of it, it seems the the body is wider which may be the design to prepare for a bigger gas tank due to the in-race refuel ban.

The team will also be using the Cosworth power, that will cost lower for this new entry team. 


The 1 Malaysia F1 Team is also pitching talented people in this fields like Claudio Berro to be the new Lotus’ Motorsports Director who will be reporting directly to the company CEO, Dany Bahar (who is also ex-Ferrari). Gino Rosato is also another person going from Ferrari to Lotus as vice-president of corporate affairs.

Although driver are yet to be confirmed, but I thinks that  Fairuz Fauzy from Malaysia will have a huge chance as he has experience in the A1GP, but we are still waiting for the confirmation.


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  1. woohoo!!I hope Lotus team will great on his comeback…if not competitve(in case)..i hope Lotus team will ahead from other new team that using cosworth engine!…
    to malaysian that live under tempurung n pesimist 100% about this…go to hell..shut your mouth!! ok!!
    (asik ckp perabih duit rakyat…byr cukai itu ini..tah2 yg cakap tu tak payah baya cukai pon…bising je lebih!!) dont be stupid malaysian!!
    Malaysia Boleh…!!!
    NOT Malaysia itu tak boleh ini tak boleh… i’m sick of it!

  2. we are hoping that Malaysia don’t let us down as well

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